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Consultancy Agreements

Consultancy Agreements

Employment Solicitors in Birmingham & Manchester

External Consultants and Consultancy Agreements are becoming more frequently used. The benefits to a business include flexibility and the ability for the consultant to bring in genuine expertise.

However, as is typical with all contracts, it is understandably beneficial for the consultancy agreement contract to be in writing and tailored to the specific relationship.

Wildings Employment Law Solicitors have considerable experience in drafting Consultancy Agreements to ensure that the consultant is not classed as an employee.

We can also review any existing Consultancy Agreements and ensure that they are compliant with your requirements.

As well as unlimited support and Legal Expenses Insurance, our Employment Solicitors will provide your business with bespoke legal documents that are tailored to your needs. Find out more about our Retain & Assure Scheme for Businesses.

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Employment Law Experts

Having an expert to help with the drafting of Consultancy Agreements can be greatly beneficial for both you and your consultant.

As well as producing for you a consistent and accurate consultancy agreement contract, our Employment Law Solicitors will ensure that the agreement is in compliance with the most recent legislation.

Why Instruct Wildings Solicitors?

Bespoke Service

Having an agreement that is specific to your business, circumstances and requirements is essential. Our Employment Law team will work closely with you to ensure that the consultancy agreement contract works perfectly for you and your business.

Employment Specialists

As specialists in Employment Law, our Solicitors act for both businesses and employees. This experience in dealing with legal matters for employers and employees means that the team is able to provide a comprehensive insight when drafting these kinds of agreements.

Stress-free Process

Both in the short and long term, instructing Wildings Solicitors to draft your Consultancy Agreement will save you time and allow you to avoid any nasty surprises that could come as a result of an incorrectly drafted agreement.

Next Steps

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