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Transfer of Equity

Deeds of Gift & Transfer of Equity

Residential Conveyancing Solicitors

A Transfer of Equity changes the legal ownership of a property. This could be either by adding someone onto the property or removing someone from the title.

A Transfer of Equity can be used in different types of situations and purposes, for example:

  • In marriage - one spouse may wish to make a transfer of equity in the family property to the the other spouse
  • For remortgage purposes, to improve credit rating
  • Divorce or separation- one party may purchase the others share or it may be transferred as part of a court settlement
  • As a gift - parents often gift a share of the property or the entire property to their children

Our specialist Residential Conveyancing solicitors have considerable experience in dealing with all types of Deeds of Gifts or Transfer of Equity and will be happy to offer specialist support and advice at all stages of the transfer of equity process.

Please be reassured that we are particularly sensitive to the fact that in certain situations there are multiple parties involved in a transfer, such as outgoing parties, incoming parties and mortgage lenders. We have the experience to ensure that the Transfer of Equity process runs smoothly.

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Why Instruct Wildings Solicitors?

Advice from an Expert

Any legal matter regarding a property can be emotionally taxing. The majority of home owners have a substantial amount of money invested in their property. It is subsequently essential that an expert residential conveyancing solicitor be there to advise during the process of a transfer of equity.

30 Years of Experience

Wildings Solicitors have been representing clients in residential property matters for 30 years. Over the years our team has built up an outstanding reputation and formed influential relationships with other organisations within the sector.

Conveyancing Quality Accredited

Wildings Solicitors has earned the Law Society's Conveyancing Quality Accreditation. Awarded to firms for providing the highest quality of case management and client care.

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