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Equal Pay Disputes

Employment Law - Equal Pay Disputes

In 1970 the Equal Pay Act was introduced. It was intended to outlaw discriminatory pay practices between genders, however, statistically, the gender gap still remains.

In essence, employees can make equal pay claims when they are employed in the same role as a colleague of the opposite sex but receive less pay. The claim can be brought on one or more of the following grounds:

  • Work that is the same or broadly similar.
  • Work rated as equivalent under an analytical job evaluation.
  • Work that is different but is of equal value in terms of demand.

Typically equal pay discrimination occurs in salary, bonus payments and benefits.

Wildings Employment Law solicitors have experience in pursuing unequal pay claims, and the Law in this area is complex. Therefore, if you have an equal pay dispute, we would strongly recommend that you contact us at your earliest convenience to obtain advice from the outset.

Time Limits

The Equality Act gives an employee the right to equal pay for equal work. The time limit for bringing a claim is 6 months after the termination of employment. There is no minimum length of service needed for bringing this claim.

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