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Holiday Pay Issues

Employment Law - Holiday Pay Issues

As with any issue over payment, a dispute with an employer over holiday pay can be extremely sensitive. However, paid annual leave is a legal right that most employers are required to provide.

Equally, recent case law has held that employers must take commission payments into account when calculating holiday pay.

The effect of this is that when a worker is on holiday, they should receive a holiday payment that represents the commission that they would ordinarily earn, in addition to their basic pay.

If you believe that your employer owes you holiday pay then our Employment Law Solicitors will be able to assist you.

Who is Eligible?

Underpaid workers who have been employed with the same employer since 1998 can now make claims going back as far as 1998 (which is when the working time regulations came into force) when making holiday pay claims. However for claims brought on or after 1 July 2015, an employment tribunal can only look back two years from the date of the complaint when considering unlawful deductions and missing holiday payments.

Holiday pay claims must be lodged within three months of the last deduction.

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