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Human Rights, Overstayer, Discretionary Leave & advice for parents of British/Settled Children

Wildings solicitors can assist you if you have no status in the UK, for example if you came to the UK many years ago and did not return home after your visa expired. We have assisted many people in the past to regularise their status in such circumstances.

We can also assist with applications from parents with British or settled children in the UK who wish to apply under the provisions in the immigration rules for parents.

We can also assist if you would like to make an application and there are compassionate or other exceptional reasons which merit a potential grant of leave outside the immigration rules.

We can assist you with making submissions based on Human Rights or Article 8 of the Human Rights Act 1998.

We can assist those who have 10 years lawful long residence in the UK or those who have established a private life in the UK by living here for more than 20 years (with or without valid immigration status).

Wildings solicitors can assist those whose existing discretionary leave is coming to an end and needs renewing. We can also assist those who have completed 6 years or more discretionary leave and are entitled to apply for indefinite leave.

We can also assist with applications on medical grounds for those seeking an extension where no specific immigration rule exists which covers their particular circumstances.

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