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International Family Law Services

International Family Law

Whenever a relationship breaks down, the are a variety of different contributing factors to take into consideration. When an international element is added to the equation, this complexity can be increased substantially. If you are planning on divorcing from your partner and currently live in different countries, the assistance of an expert in International Family Law is essential.

The Family Law team can offer advice and support on the following:

  • Child Arrangement
  • Relocation of Children
  • Disputes
  • Property
  • Child abduction

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International Family Law Services

When you instruct a specialist in International Family Law at Wildings Solicitors, our Family Solicitors in Birmingham or Family Solicitors in Manchester will start by making an assessment of your matter and advising you on the best options to pursue.

With different countries comes considerations to make when getting a divorce. Our Family Law Solicitors in Birmingham or Family Law Solicitors in Manchester are able to offer you an expert service in matters related to International Family Law.

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