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Judgement & Enforcement

Judgement and Enforcement

Commercial Debt Recovery Solicitors in Birmingham & Manchester

At Wildings our Commercial Debt Recovery Solicitors specialise in recovering businesses of all sizes the money they are owed.

As a Lexcel accredited legal practice, our solicitors take pride in their ability to provide our clients with a tailored and transparent service. A member of our Commercial Debt team will make an assessment of your circumstances and advise you about the best options available for your situation. Whether you require advice about a charging order or a default judgement, our team can help.

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When a debit has failed to respond to the claim issued against them at Court, a creditor can request a Default Judgement.

On such a request, judgement is entered by the Court for the total amount payable, including all interest since the claim was issued, the Solicitors fixed costs and the recovery of the Court fee that was paid.

The Judgement will state the amount owed, is payable immediately but it will allow the debtor with one month to pay in full, failing which it will appear on their credit record and consequently affect their Credit Rating.


There are several enforcement methods. These include:

  • Warrant of execution – enforcement by County Court Bailiff (Judgements less than £600.00).
  • Writ of Fi-Fa – Enforcement by High Court Enforcement Officer (Judgments more than £600.00).
  • Attachment of Earnings Order – where the debtor is in paid employment.
  • Order to obtain information – to establish financial income and expenditure.
  • A Charging Order – security over the debtors property.
  • Third party Debt Order – attaching monies owed to a third party to the debtor.

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