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Property Disrepair

Commercial Property Services for Landlords

Understandably, it is in the interest of both the Landlord and the tenant to avoid damage and the need for property repair.

However, when tenants and Leaseholders report defects within a property, disputes can arise regarding the Landlord's obligations to carry out the property repair work.

If a dispute regarding property repair does arise, then the tenant could commence legal action for a Court Order forcing their Landlord to carry out necessary repairs and/or to claim compensation.

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Property Disrepair and Your Rights

Legislation is in place that details the rights and responsibilities of both Landlords and tenants in relation to property repair.

As the Landlord, you will have access rights enabling you to undertake relevant inspections and/or property repairs. If a tenant refuses to allow access then you can pursue legal action.

Equally, tenants have the right to live in property that is safe and in a good state of repair.

You may encounter further difficulty if a tenant seeks to move out of the property, blaming the defects, so as to avoid further liability under the Lease.

Issues may also arise where there is a dispute as to whether the disrepair was caused by the tenant or, alternatively, whether it falls under the Landlord’s general obligations (for example wear and tear, caused by inclement weather etc).

Our Commercial Property Solicitors can offer you all the advice you need to ensure that your property meets the latest legal safety requirements as well as support you through any disputes that may occur over property disrepair with a tenant.

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