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Maternity and Paternity Entitlement

Employment Law - Maternity Leave and Paternity Entitlement

Families now have maternity leave and paternity entitlements, as well as the ability to make flexible working requests, including the new shared paternal leave provisions.

Maternity Leave & Pay

If you are employed under a contract of employment, satisfy the qualification criteria and you have given your employer the correct notice, you should be entitled to maternity leave and pay. Women who take time off work to have a baby are entitled to 52 weeks of maternity leave and up to 39 weeks of statutory maternity pay.

Paternity Pay & Leave

Alongside maternity leave, men are entitled to a certain amount of pay & leave when their partner has a baby or they adopt a child. Men are entitled to 1-2 weeks of paid paternity leave.

Wildings Employment Law solicitors have considerable experience in advising families on their maternity leave and paternity entitlements, as well as on flexible working requests and Health and Safety issues for pregnant women in the workplace.

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Why Instruct Wildings Solicitors?

Employment Law Experts

Our Employment Law Solicitors have specialist knowledge of the most up to date Employment Legislation to assist you in any disputes that may arise with your employer over maternity leave and paternity entitlement.


Regularly acting for both employers and employees, our Employment Law solicitors can use their experience to your advantage. Understanding the concerns of the employer in a dispute over maternity and paternity entitlement can mean an easier negotiation process and result in a more efficient solution for your matter.

Support and Advice

Our team are always on-hand to answer any questions or queries you might have about your case. As well as providing you with regular updates on your matter, our Lexcel accredited team are happy to provide guidance whenever you might need it.

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