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Priority & non-priority Debts

Priority Debts & Non-priority Debts

Debt Recovery Solicitor in Birmingham & Manchester

Some debts are more urgent than others because the consequences of not paying will vary – those with more critical consequences are known as priority debts and include matters such as mortgages, rent and Council Tax debts. The Creditors in priority debts are known as Priority Creditors.

Debts which are considered to be less urgent than Priority Debts are debts such as Credit Card debts, Overdrafts and other Unsecured Loans. These type of debts are known as non-priority debts.

If you have got Priority Debts, then you must make sure that you can pay these first before reaching an agreement with Non-Priority Creditors.

Our Commercial Debt Recovery Solicitors in Birmingham & Manchester specialise in assisting clients with the recovery of outstanding priority debts. Book your free initial consultation with the team today. Freephone 0330 333 8797, request a callback or email

Examples of Non-Priority Debts includes:

  • Benefits over payments.
  • Credit debts such as Overdrafts, Unsecured Loans, Credit Card Accounts and Catalogues.
  • Hire Purchase or condition of sale (except for essential items).
  • Water and Sewerage charges (please note that an individual cannot be cut off for water debts).
  • Student loans.
  • Money borrowed from friends and family.
  • Parking penalties issued by Local Authorities (but parking fines issued by the Courts are priority debts).

It is important not to ignore letters or telephone calls from your non-priority creditors. Our specialist Debt Team, strongly recommends that you get in touch with them as early as possible. You should do this even if you are not in a position to know whether it is possible to pay back the debt or what arrangements you may want to make, in the future.

If your creditors do not know that you are having financial difficulties, they will assume that you just do not want to pay and start taking action against you. Our Commercial Debt Team recognises that being owed money can be a very stressful experience, particularly if you were relying on that money as part of your daily expenditure.

In these circumstances, it is clearly very important to secure payment or, at the very least enter into an arrangement for payment, at the very earliest opportunity.

Our Commercial Debt Team has a great deal of experience in recovering priority debts and non-priority debts.

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