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A redundancy occurs when an employee is dismissed because the employer no longer believes that their services are required.

The risk of being made redundant can be extremely stressful and may even be completely unexpected.

By law, you cannot be made redundant for a discriminatory reason. If you believe that your redundancy is tainted by discrimination, this could make it unfair. Make sure that you are aware of your rights, by consulting an employment law solicitor as soon as you feel at risk.

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Employment Law Solicitors

Our Employment Law Solicitors can guide you through the process confidently. We offer advice on whether the redundancy selection process was fair and what representations you should be making throughout the consultation process.

We are also able to advise you on whether we believe that your redundancy dismissal will be deemed unfair by an Employment Law Tribunal and the likely compensation available to you should your claim be successful.

Tactically, our team can also use an unfair situation to your advantage, by negotiating a better Settlement Package for you following redundancy.

Time Limits

Where you believe your redundancy dismissal is unfair, the time limit to pursue a claim will be 3 months less a day from the date of dismissal. If you only wish to claim your redundancy payment you will have 6 months less a day from when the payment was due to be paid to make a claim.

Why instruct Wildings Solicitors?


With many years of experience, our Employment Law solicitors are specialists in matters relating to redundancy. Whatever the circumstances of your particular matter, our solicitors in will offer you practical and professional advice on your redundancy.

Client Care

For many people, being made redundant can be a life-changing occurrence. Our specialist employment law solicitors will approach your case with sensitivity and will be happy to support you throughout the redundancy process.


Our Employment Law Solicitors are committed to providing a transparent, efficient and comprehensive service. The specialist handling your matter will keep you updated throughout and will be available to offer advice whenever you require it. Our Lexcel Accreditation ensures the highest quality of client care and case management.

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