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Our property lawyers will ensure you are in control during the entire process whether you are a buyer or a seller, a landlord or a tenant or a commercial developer. We offer land registry services for both residential and commercial properties.

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Land Registry Solicitors

At Wilding Solicitors, we understand the significance of secure and legally binding property transactions, whether it’s for your dream home or your thriving business. Our comprehensive Land Registry Services ensure that your interests are protected and your property dealings are conducted with utmost precision and legality.

Residential Land Registry Services

When it comes to your home, ensuring that your property is legally sound and your ownership rights are protected is paramount. Our team of experienced residential property solicitors specializes in providing a wide range of Land Registry Services for homeowners. We offer:

  • Title Registration: We assist in registering your property’s title, confirming your legal ownership.

  • Boundary Disputes: If you’re facing boundary-related issues, we can help resolve them in your favor.

  • Property Transfers: Whether you’re buying, selling, or gifting a property, our experts ensure a seamless transition of ownership.

  • Mortgage Registration: We handle mortgage registration and discharge, guaranteeing your financial interests.

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Commercial Land Registry Services

For businesses, property is often a substantial investment. Our commercial property solicitors are well-versed in handling complex land registry matters to safeguard your business interests. We provide:

  • Commercial Property Transfers: Whether it’s a purchase, sale, or lease, we streamline the process.

  • Easements and Covenants: Protect your rights and responsibilities regarding neighbouring properties.

  • Land Use and Zoning Compliance: Ensure that your business activities align with local regulations.

  • Land Development and Subdivision: Navigate the complexities of land development with our guidance.

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Wildings Solicitors are a modern, forward looking law firm with a strong combination of skills and resources offering an extensive range of services to individuals and business clients.

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Any legal matter regarding property can be exhausting. The majority of home owners have a substantial amount of money invested in their property. It is subsequently essential that an expert residential conveyancing solicitor be there to advise during the process of a transfer of equity.

Why Wildings Solicitors?

Over 30 Years Of Experience

Wildings Solicitors have been offering legal services to commercial property owners for over forty years. Whilst a lot has changed, our dedication to quality remains the same.

Our team of experts deal with a variety of different matters.

Our Residential Property Conveyancing team has considerable experience in buying and selling properties. Our team uses an up-to-date case management system and has devised a process, which is designed to provide you with a service of the very highest standard at a very competitive cost.

This enables our team to provide all of our clients with a very fast and effective service.

Why Wildings Solicitors?

Our Fees

 We have always provided expert legal services at affordable prices. Our fees are fixed and we operate an open and transparent costs policy. What we quote is what you will pay, should the unlikely event arise of further costs no additional work will be done until you agree.

It is essential for us to give you right guidance, please do not delay to take the first step and contact us!

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