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Legal Advice for buyers or sellers, a landlord or a tenant or a commercial developer. Our commercial property lawyers will ensure you are in control during the entire process whether you are a buyer or a seller, a landlord or a tenant or a commercial developer.

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Commercial Property Auction

At Wildings Solicitors, our team of commercial property solicitors collaborates with you to expedite and streamline auction transactions, encompassing the acquisition and sale of business premises, development land, and mixed-use properties. While auctions have gained prominence as a method for commercial property transactions, it’s crucial to grasp the legal prerequisites and make thorough preparations. Our solicitors provide specialized guidance to ensure you seize every opportunity without any oversight

Buying Commercial Property at Auction

For buyers, auctions offer a unique opportunity to acquire commercial properties at potentially lower prices than those available through conventional open market channels.

Property transactions are governed by the ‘caveat emptor’ principle, emphasizing the buyer’s responsibility to exercise due diligence. Once the auctioneer’s hammer falls, you are legally bound to the purchase, necessitating thorough research and preparation.

Our solicitors will meticulously review the sale conditions, conduct in-depth due diligence on the auction pack, and provide comprehensive advice throughout the entire process.

This includes:

  1. Conducting property searches
  2. Performing due diligence
  3. Addressing Energy Performance Certificates
  4. Managing financial aspects and fund transfers
  5. Facilitating inspections and surveys
  6. Scrutinizing the property’s title and legal documentation
  7. Overseeing the exchange and completion process
  8. Raising and addressing any queries
  9. Reviewing the auction pack
  10. Assessing and negotiating the terms of the sale contract

If you intend to purchase a commercial property at auction using a mortgage, it is essential to be well-prepared, as the lender will want to confirm the property’s value. Typically, a 10% deposit is required on the auction day, with the balance due within 20 working days.

Additionally, you will need to secure insurance for the property between the exchange and completion stages. Auction contracts often transfer liability to the buyer upon the auction’s conclusion, necessitating immediate building insurance coverage.

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Selling Commercial Property at Auction

Many property owners opt for auction sales, attracted by the swift process and the competitive environment that can drive up the final sale price through multiple bidders.

At Wildings Solicitors, we collaborate closely with you to prepare all the essential legal documentation, ensuring your property is auction-ready. Our services encompass:

  • Conducting a thorough title investigation
  • Drafting the required legal documentation
  • Addressing inquiries from potential buyers
  • Managing financial aspects
  • Coordinating property searches
  • Overseeing the exchange and completion process
  • Reviewing the auction pack
  • Examining title deeds

In our commitment to providing comprehensive support, we frequently collaborate with third parties, including commercial agents, accountants, and IFAs, to tailor the transaction to your specific needs.

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