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Contracts of employment are essentially an agreement between an employer and an employee. This agreement is the basis of what is known as the employment relationship.

As well as setting out the terms and conditions of employment, contracts of employment set out essential information for employees about things like pay, holidays, working hours and notice periods.

Most employees are entitled to receive a copy of their employment contract within two calendar months of starting in their new position.

Accurate, compliant and properly drafted contracts of employment can save employers from potential misunderstandings further down the line. However, with employment law being so changeable and complex, it can be difficult to guarantee that your employment contracts will really ensure your business is properly protected.

Equally, different roles within a business will require different contracts. For example, the contract of a 35-year-old full time office employee will differ from that of a 16-year-old, part-time warehouse worker.

Having an employment specialist on-hand to provide your business with bespoke contracts of employment, tailored to your specific needs is highly advantageous.

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The Retain & Assure scheme is a comprehensive employment law and HR service that aims to give employers complete peace of mind.

As well as bespoke contracts of employment, businesses on the Retain & Assure scheme will benefit from unlimited employment law & HR support. The service also includes:

  • Unlimited access to training
  • A health and safety review
  • Legal expenses insurance

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“I have used Wildings for many years for conveyancing and lease documentation to Employment advice and have always received an excellent service. So, when they started their new Retain and Assure scheme I had no hesitation to sign up immediately. I now have the right documentation in place and have somebody to talk me through the legal jargon giving me the peace of mind to continue running my Business.”
Aftab Ahmed Chughtai MBE

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