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Accidents at work are a common occurrence. If you suffered or are suffering in any way due to a workplace accident then you are well within your rights to put in a claim against your employer’s insurance to get the compensation you deserve.

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The Most Common Types Of Accidents At Work

Here is a list of the most common types of workplace accident claims that our Personal Injury Solicitors handle:

Factory Accidents

These often occur due to a lack of training, failure to ensure the correct protective clothing is provided or being worn, or where equipment is broken or machinery is unguarded. Many people are injured at work when lifting things which are too heavy, or using incorrect technique.


Still one of the single most hazardous occupational environments; the construction industry sees huge numbers of employees admitted to hospital every year. We have dealt with a large number of workplace injury claims from the construction industry.

Office Accidents

Although a relatively tame environment in comparison to others, the office can be a dangerous place if it is not kept clean, tidy and hazard free. Often people slip or trip due to the floors being moist or having objects in the way of people’s paths. Wiring / cabling is also a common trip hazard. Working at a screen or sitting in the same position for extended periods of time can cause injuries. If you sustain an injury you may be entitled to claim, so contact our Personal Injury Solicitors today.

Armed Forces injury claims

We have successfully seen workplace accident compensation for injuries sustained through the Ministry of Defense training.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you suffered an injury at work in the last three years you may have grounds to seek compensation from your employers.

Making a claim for an accident at work against your employer is not something that anyone should take personally, including you. Your employer is required to have insurance to cover workplace injuries, which is there to act as a safeguard for when accidents at work occur.

Physical or mental illness will be likely to affect your performance at work. The work accident claims and compensation process is designed so that you can get back on your feet and ensures that you are fully fit, healthy and capable of going about your job in a normal way.

The amount of compensation passed on to the injured party is relative to the injury they have sustained and is based on examinations and tests carried out by medical professionals.

IIf you have suffered a workplace injury you should not worry about claiming for compensation. You are perfectly entitled to claim compensation, however employers and organisations will typically only pay out if the work accident claims are dealt with through the correct channels.

If you are worried about losing your job as a result of the claim then you should speak to one of our work accident claims advisers. By Law, an employer cannot dismiss you for making a legitimate claim against them.

How Much Compensation Are You Entitled To?

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We have a strong desire for our clients to leave us feeling satisfied that they have received the maximum amount of compensation available as well as excellent service from us. Whether you have been involved in a Road Traffic Accident, an Accident at Work or require advice on a Motorcycle claim, our Personal Injury Solicitors can help.

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