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Injury Compensation Calculator

Accidents happen. But when negligence causes you pain, suffering, and financial loss, you deserve fair compensation. At Wildings Solicitors, we fight for injured individuals across the UK. Our free personal injury compensation calculator provides a starting point for understanding what your claim might be worth.

Key Features:

  • Simple & Fast: Answer a few questions about your injury and circumstances.
  • Wide Range of Injuries: Covers common accidents like road traffic collisions, slips & trips, workplace injuries,and medical negligence.
  • Financial Impact: Estimate potential compensation for pain & suffering, loss of earnings, and medical expenses.
  • No Obligation: Get an initial estimate without commitment.

How Does The Personal Injury Compensation Calculator Work?

Start by selecting the type of injury you suffered from the personal injury compensation calculator below. The table will provide you with an estimated compensation amount as well as some comments to explain how the figure is calculated.

Whilst our personal injury compensation calculator is a great way to get an idea of the amount of compensation you can expect to receive, the best way to get an accurate estimate is to book a free, no-obligation consultation with our Personal Injury team.

A specialist Personal Injury Solicitor will take the time to review your circumstances and provide you with an estimate for your claim. Working on a no win no fee basis, our team strive to recover all of our clients the maximum amount of compensation in the minimum amount of time.

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SeverityCompensation AmountComments
Mild to Severe£5,250 – £30,050Severely damaged or severed muscle that’s causing restriction and/or disability to the weaker ankle muscles.
SeverityCompensation AmountComments
Mild to Severe£10,250 – £53,050Dislocation, deformation, disfigurement, possibly an operation is needed – sprained or broken ankle.
SeverityCompensation AmountComments
Extremely Severe£74,150 – £227,200This range of personal injury compensation covers the amputation of both complete arms, the amputation of a single arm, or whether an arm is amputated partially or completely. Future restrictions will also be considered.
Moderate to Severe£30,050 – £99,700For major restrictio`n and disability present in one or both the arms and causes significant pain and suffering.
Mild£4,450 – £30,200The range shown is set for persons who have suffered a restriction in movement and/or disability in the arms but who will recover.
SeverityCompensation AmountComments
Extremely Severe£29,700 – £123,250Severe injury to the upper or lower back, possibly causing paralysis or any relating issues to organs in the lower parts of the body.
Moderate to Severe£8,700 – £30,700This range of personal injury compensation amounts might cover ligaments or the soft tissue on the back, any constant pain and /or any discomfort.
Mild£300 – £9,800For soft tissue, a slipped disc, any muscle pain would receive this amount of injury compensation.
SeverityCompensation AmountComments
Extremely Severe£69,050 – £108,450Complete loss of hearing because of the injury.
Moderate to Severe£22, 250 – £34,450Complete hearing loss in one of the ears. The amount awarded in car injury claims will depend on how the hearing loss affects the person.
Mild£4,250 – £37,450This range of compensation is awarded for hearing loss in one or both ears and for those that now suffer with tinnitus because of the injury or the work environment.
SeverityCompensation AmountComments
Extremely Severe£29,150 – £42,200Total restriction in elbow movement that has now caused a disability or that has needed surgery.
Moderate to Severe£11,350 – £23,850Because of the injury to the elbow there is now restriction of movement in the arm.
Mild£3,050 – £9,700An injury to the elbow that is mild to moderate which now causes pain but total movement will be possible.
SeverityCompensation AmountComments
Extremely Severe£81,150 – £205,250Loss of sight in one eye and some loss in the other, or loss of sight in both eyes will receive the maximum compensation.
Moderate to Severe£7,050 – £49,350This range of injury compensation is awarded with very restricted vision in a single eye or loss of sight in one eye.
Mild£1,550 – £7,550Pain in an eye, vision problems or temporary loss of vision in an eye.
SeverityCompensation AmountComments
Extremely Severe£15,350 – £73,150Facial disfigurement and scarring might warrant somewhere in this range of injury compensation. The severity of the injury will determine how much compensation is awarded in car injury claims.
Moderate to Severe£12,150 – £27,250This compensation range cover fractures and breaks to the facial area, for example the nose.
Mild£1,650 – £12,300These amounts cover scarring. Please note that men tend to receive lower compensation than women.
SeverityCompensation AmountComments
Mild to Severe£370 – £69,300This range covers the amputation of fingers or a broken finger which should mend completely.
SeverityCompensation AmountComments
Extremely Severe£64,050 – £152,700This range covers the amputation of one or both feet and how it might affect the person’s life.
Moderate to Severe£18,450 – £52,850Severe injury to one or both feet that causes restriction, fractures or disability to the foot.
Mild£5,250 – £11,000Covering injury to a foot that will recover.
SeverityCompensation AmountComments
Extremely Severe£46,250 – £151,200This range of compensation amounts shall cover the amputation of one or both hands or if a hand is made completely useless due to the injury.
Moderate to Severe£22,450 – £47,700Unable to use a hand properly and/ or disfigurement to fingers.
Mild£695 – £22,295Soft tissue damage, fractures, cuts and surgery will warrant this range of injury compensation.
SeverityCompensation AmountComments
Extremely Severe£215,050 – £310,050Victims who are unresponsive due to severe brain damage and are unresponsive or what might be referred to as a vegetative state.
Moderate to Severe£12,450 – £200,050Lost feeling in limbs, change in personality and/ or a mental disability.
Mild£1,450 – £9,450Head injuries which haven’t caused brain damage but might still have lasting effects.
SeverityCompensation AmountComments
Extremely Severe£39,650 – £72,920Disability because of a knee injury, major damage to muscles, muscle wastage and soft tissue damage.
Moderate to Severe£20,200 – £33,150Disability because of a knee injury, damage to the muscle, cartilage, soft tissue, that causes pain and suffering.
Mild£4,700 – £19,550A knee injury which is painful but the knee will recover in time so it has a full and normal working function.
SeverityCompensation AmountComments
Extremely Severe£75,050 – £214,950Amputation of one or both legs. The compensation range also takes into consideration should the leg have been amputated below or above the knee.
Moderate to Severe£21,700 – £104,050Injuries to the leg which has caused restriction in movement and disability that might have a lifelong prognosis.
Mild£1,750 – £17,850Leg fractures, brakes or soft tissue damage which has affected the muscle and has caused great pain and discomfort.
SeverityCompensation AmountComments
Extremely Severe£35,450 – £112,400Very severe neck injuries, those causing movement problems to other parts of the body.
Moderate to Severe£29,550 – £42,250Neck fractures, causing pain when moving, causing stiffness and inability to use the full movement of the person’s neck.
Mild£1,750 – £6,150Whiplash type injuries, can depend on the length of time the injury lasts, how painful the injury is and what the long-term prognosis is.
SeverityCompensation AmountComments
Extremely Severe£9,450 – £36,950Paralysis, limb numbness, restriction in movement because of the injury in the neck and shoulder.
Moderate to Severe£6,200 – £9,700Neck tissue damage that might last for a considerable length of time and that restricts the movement in the persons arm and elbow.
Mild£355 – £6,750Damage to soft tissue that should recover within the year or slightly longer, and causes or has caused moderate pain.
SeverityCompensation AmountComments
Mild to Severe£4,450 – £43,200Covers the amputation of the victim’s big toe or several other toes.
SeverityCompensation AmountComments
Mild to Severe£2,500 – £44,450The wrist isn’t able to function because of the injury but the prognosis says the wrist will recover fully.

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