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Wills & Probate Solicitors

Our Wills & Probate Solicitors in Birmingham have been assisting individual clients to manage their family affairs and advising them on all aspects of WillsLasting Powers of Attorney and Probate related matters, for many years.

Our Solicitors combine proactive advice and a personal service to help you plan for the future and safeguard your financial security.

We will help you to ensure a smooth transfer from one generation to the next, to enable you to exercise as much choice and control as possible over your financial affairs.

Whether you need advice about Grants of Probate, Wills or Lasting Power of Attorney, our Solicitors will take the time to get to know you and your requirements and find a solution that is tailored to your circumstances.

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A Will is a legal document which specifies your intentions regarding the distribution of the assets when you die.

A specialist Wills Solicitor will draft a Will according to your instructions and provide you with relevant and practical legal advice.

Regardless of your age making a Will is the only way to ensure when you die you leave everything in order.

Reasons why you should make a will:

  • To appoint a Solicitor and trustees to carry out your wishes
  • To leave monies or assets to family members, friends or charities
  • To exclude someone from inheriting your Estate
  • To appoint guardians for your children
  • To provide details of funeral arrangements
  • To reduce the tax payable on your Estate
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Homemade Wills can be problematic. Instructing an expert wills solicitor ensures your Will is easy to interpret and that it complies with legal formalities.

If an original Will is lost during a person’s lifetime a new one can be prepared at additional cost. Family members often approach us on the death of a loved one saying they are unable to trace a Will they know has been made. Without a Will a Grant of Probate cannot be obtained and the Estate distributed in accordance with the deceased’s wishes.

Our Wills solicitors provide a storage facility free of charge and once we have prepared your Will and obtained the relevant signatures we will store your signed original Will here at our offices and provide you with a signed copy for yourself.

To avoid any problems a Will prepared by Wildings Solicitors will give you the reassurance that your wishes will be carried out in full.

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Lasting Power of Attorneys

There is a generalisation that it is only elderly people who should consider LPA (lasting powers of attorney). Even when we are young, we can find ourselves incapacitated owing to illness or injury, and you may need a reliable person who can manage your personal affairs. For this reason it is important that everyone has LPA in place. There is an assumption that if someone was to lose mental capacity, your family can access your money to pay for care. This is not the case and even joint accounts can be frozen.

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What are the Benefits?

LPA can enable an individual’s family members, friends or a professional to look after their affairs without causing serious disruption or delays.

Since the 1st October 2007 it has no longer been possible for a person to create an Enduring Power of Attorney. However if you have made an Enduring Power of Attorney prior to 1st October 2007 it still remains valid and may be registered at the Office of the Public Guardian.

LPA have replaced Enduring Powers of Attorney but offer the flexibility of covering your financial affairs together with your health and wealth matters.

How Does It Work?

Property and financial affairs Lasting Powers of Attorney is for decisions about finances such as selling a residential home and managing your Bank accounts and investments.

A Health and Welfare LPA is for decisions about your health and personal welfare, such as choosing where you live i.e. your home or residential care, daily needs or medical treatment.

An Attorney (over the age of 18) is appointed to make decisions on your behalf and must always act in your best interests. You are able to appoint more than one Attorney however you must specify as to whether they should act together or independently.

Before the Lasting Powers of Attorney can be registered it must be signed by the donor, the Attorneys and also the Certificate provider. A Certificate provider is an authorised person that declares that the donor understands the purpose of the Lasting Powers of Attorney.

Once the appropriate signatures have been obtained the LPA of Attorney must be registered with the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) before it can be used. The Attorneys will then have legal powers to make decisions for you. The LPA can be registered by you or alternatively your Attorney in the event that you no longer have the capacity to do so.

A fee is currently charged for registration of each Lasting Powers of Attorney application. However, if your gross annual income is less than £12,000 you may qualify for partial fee exemption or remission. It must be noted that LPA is not available for those who no longer have the capacity to sign a legal document. Your family members or friends would have no option but to make an application to the Court of Protection, which can be a costly process.

How Can We Help?

Our specialist private client solicitors can offer support and advice on all aspects of LPA. Matters such as this can be delicate, getting legal advice can help to ensure that the application process runs smoothly and will help to avoid placing any strain on the relationships with your loved ones.



If your estate is more than £15,000.00, a Grant of Probate or Letter of Administration from the Probate Court is normally needed in order in order to retrieve the assets due to the Estate. Grants give authority to the personal representatives (i.e. Executor Administrators) to administer the Estate of the deceased. For more information, speak to an expert probate solicitor today.


Grants of Probate – This is required if you are named an Executor in the deceased’s Will.

Grant of Letters of Administration – This is required if a person dies without making a Will. This process is a little more complicated as the Administration of the Estate Act 1925 sets out who can act as the Administrator.

Grant of Letters of Administration with Will – This is required when the deceased made a Will but there is no Executor named or available.

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The Court Process

There is an obligation on the personal representatives of the Estate to make the fullest enquiries to find the extent of the assets and liabilities in the Estate. This can be a lengthy of process as many organisations may be involved, for example: banks, Building Societies, Insurance Societies, Stockbrokers, Estate Agents and HM Revenue and Customs.

It is also a requirement to complete HM preliminary customs accounts setting out all the assets and liabilities of the Estate.

In cases where this is a known tax liability a summary document completed by the Revenue can require the personal representatives to provide full details within 35 days of submission of the account.

The Personal Representative must swear an Oath to the Probate Court stating the value of the gross and net estate of the deceased and swear that they will administer the Estate according to the Law or under the terms of the Will.

The Oath and the HM Revenue and Customs account must be lodged at the Probate Court. Once they accept the papers they will issue a Grant. We normally expect the Grant to be issued within 3 to 4 weeks of the Probate Court receiving the documentation.


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