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Personal Injury Solicitors in Birmingham & Manchester

Some of the most common accidents involve trips, slips & falls and usually they occur in public places such as shops, schools or on the street. You could claim personal injury compensation if someone is at fault for your accident.

If you’ve been injured as the result of a slip or trip then you could be entitled to claim for injury compensation. Get in touch with an expert personal injury solicitor to find out more.

Many accidents occur on the street where faulty paving or damaged pavements can cause you to fall. Slipping on wet floors in shops and supermarkets or tripping over mats in the entrances of shops are all cases we deal with regularly.

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Duty of Care

You have a right to expect public places to be safe, so if you suffer a trip, slip or fall accident you may have grounds for a personal injury compensation claim. As a standard practice, public authorities and other organisations will have policies in place specifically to insure them against a personal injury accident claim. So, if the accident was not your fault, you could be entitled to injury compensation.

The same goes for employers, councils, shop owners, restaurants and bars who are legally required to follow health and safety guidelines to prevent accidents. If they fail in this duty, you can claim injury compensation with the help of a specialist solicitor.

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Trips, Slips & Falls Compensation Claim Advice

Sometimes it can be difficult to know whether you have a potential claim for injury compensation. A call to one of our team may be all it will take to discover if you can claim compensation. If we think that you have a case, contact our personal injury solicitors and we will be able to start the claims process almost immediately.

How Much Compensation can I Claim?

Each claim is unique, but injury compensation amounts for slips, trips and falls can range from £1500 up to £5000. The money could go some way to helping you through your recovery, paying for a holiday, or setting up a nest egg.

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We have been winning compensation for injured people for over a decade and 98% of all our clients say they would recommend us to friends and family. We have a track record that you can trust.

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