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The Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment Regulations) 2006, referred to as TUPE, is a very complex area of law for both the employers and employees to understand.

In essence, TUPE was introduced to safeguard employee’s jobs should a business or contract be transferred from one company to another. This can occur through a merger, when all or part of a business is sold or when a major contract moves between providers. Our Employment Law team can provide advice on the TUPE regulations in circumstances where a contract is out-sourced, where a subsequent (or second generation) outsourcing of the contract takes place or where a contract is in-sourced. Some transfers will be a business transfer and a service provision change (i.e. a contract outsourcing or in-sourcing).

If you need advice about TUPE transfer our Employment Solicitors offer practical advice and support to employers on a range of matters relating to the Transfer of Undertakings. Contact us to book your free initial consultation today. Freephone 0330 333 8797, request a callback or email for specialist advice.

TUPE introduced three concepts into UK Employment Law:

  • The automatic transfer principle: where a new company takes over all or part of another company they automatically inherit the existing staff as well. The contracts of the existing staff are retained as welland the new company inherits all rights, liabilities and obligations in relation to them;
  • Protection for employees against dismissal in connection with a TUPE.
  • The obligation to inform and consult with representatives of the affected employees

Employment Law Services

The Employment Solicitors at Wildings can provide you with advice in relation to the following:

  • Changing terms of employment in a TUPE Transfer.
  • Dismissals.
  • Obligations to inform and consult.
  • Obligation to provide ‘employee liability information’.

The Employment Team at Wildings Solicitors are specialists in handling complex legal matters for businesses. Our Employment Law team can assist both the old employer who is transferring the business/contract and the new employer acquiring the business/contract. we have considerable experience in dealing with all aspects of TUPE and offer pragmatic and commercially minded advice so that you can achieve your business objectives whilst still adhering to your legal obligations

If your business is affected by the Transfer of Undertakings we can provide you with expert TUPE advice and guide you through the process. Read about our Retain & Assure Scheme to find out more about how our Employment Solicitors can support businesses.

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