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Wills & Probate Solicitors in Birmingham & Manchester

A Will is a legal document which specifies your intentions regarding the distribution of the assets when you die.

A specialist Wills Solicitor will draft a Will according to your instructions and provide you with relevant and practical legal advice.

Regardless of your age making a Will is the only way to ensure when you die you leave everything in order.

Our wills & probate solicitors are experts in assisting clients from all walks of life when making a will. Book your free initial consultation to discuss will writing with our team today. Freephone 0330 333 8797, request a callback or email

Reasons why you should make a will:

  • To appoint a Solicitor and trustees to carry out your wishes
  • To leave monies or assets to family members, friends or charities
  • To exclude someone from inheriting your Estate
  • To appoint guardians for your children
  • To provide details of funeral arrangements
  • To reduce the tax payable on your Estate
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Homemade Wills can be problematic. Instructing an expert wills solicitor ensures your Will is easy to interpret and that it complies with legal formalities.

If an original Will is lost during a person’s lifetime a new one can be prepared at additional cost. Family members often approach us on the death of a loved one saying they are unable to trace a Will they know has been made. Without a Will a Grant of Probate cannot be obtained and the Estate distributed in accordance with the deceased’s wishes.

Our Wills solicitors provide a storage facility free of charge and once we have prepared your Will and obtained the relevant signatures we will store your signed original Will here at our offices and provide you with a signed copy for yourself.

To avoid any problems a Will prepared by Wildings Solicitors will give you the reassurance that your wishes will be carried out in full.

To discuss your transaction in more detail, then please call us on our Freephone 0330 333 8797 or email us at


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