Immigration Pricing

At Wildings Solicitors we undertake immigration work and only offer services which we are competent in. 

Our costs are transparent and you will be given a quotation at the start of the any transaction which will include our legal fees, VAT and disbursements, being any fees payable to third parties and a total amount of the costs of your application.  Some costs are difficult at the start of the transaction to determine however costs which are applicable will be provided to you and your agreement will be obtained before any further work is conducted. 

Our fees are fixed fee however if it transpires that a significant amount of work is required concerning your application then we will inform you of the same, obtain your agreement to the further work before we make any further progress on your matter. 


Free initial consultation –We offer a no obligation and strictly confidential free initial consultation in person or over the phone at a time convenient to you to discuss your matter and the options available to you. We work with you so you understand the requirements for the application you are applying for and explain how you can meet those requirements.

Materials – Once we are instructed, we provide you with all the necessary materials to assist you in providing all required documents to our trusted and expert immigration solicitors in the simplest and quickest way.

Preparation – we will consider the documents you have provided and where necessary advice you on any further documents which will assist in reaching a successful decision. On receipt of the documents we will prepare a bundle of documents for submission to the Home Office on your behalf along with a fully completed Visa application form.

Appointment – If you are required to attend an appointment with the Home Office, we will arrange the appointment on your behalf, provide you with the necessary advice as to what to expect and provide the documents needed at the appointment.

Correspondence – On some occasions the Home Office may write to us to request further information, our transparent and fixed fee policy includes the additional work and correspondence to the Home Office. We will not charge you any extra and will work with you to deal with the points raised by the Home Office.

Managing – Applying for a Visa can be extremely daunting and stressful. Our trusted and experienced Immigration Solicitors aim to manage your complete application from inception to and until you have received a decision including chaser emails/correspondence to the Home Offices for progress updates.

Outcome – Once you have received a decision on your application we will discuss the contents of your decision, any further action you may need to take and the next steps for you.


Our trusted immigration Solicitors endeavour to submit your application to the Home Office within 4 weeks of your instructions and before any set deadline. On some occasions and based on individual circumstances it may take longer to prepare your application. Should any delays be foreseeable our Immigration solicitors will advise you accordingly.

Once your application has been submitted the Home Office take anywhere between 3-6 months to reach a decision. If your application is complex, it may take the Home Office longer than normal processing times to process your application.


Spouse Visa – Entry Clearance

£850.00 plus VAT (charged at 20%)

Disbursements: Visa Application Fee, IHS Fee, Appointment Fee

Visit Visa – Entry Clearance

£850.00 plus VAT (charged at 20%)

Disbursements: Visa Application Fee, Appointment Fee

Leave to Remain – Extensions

£850.00 plus VAT (charged at 20%)

Disbursements: Visa Application Fee, HIS Fee, Appointment Fee

Indefinite Leave to Remain

£850.00 plus VAT (charged at 20%)

Disbursements: Application Fee, Appointment Fee

Naturalisation – British Citizenship

£720.00 plus VAT (charged at 20%)

Disbursements: Application Fee, Appointment Fee

Fee Waiver Application

£720.00 plus VAT (charged at 20%)

Disbursements: There are no disbursements.

Reporting Changes – Breakdown in Marriage etc

£150.00 plus VAT (charged at 20%)

Disbursements: There are no disbursements.

Replacement/Extension of Residence Permit

£150.00 plus VAT (charged at 20%)

Disbursements: Application Fee

Application Review

£150.00 plus VAT (charged at 20%)

Disbursements: There are no disbursements.

Sponsorship Declaration

£75.00 plus VAT (charged at 20%)

Disbursements: There are no disbursements.

*Disbursements are costs paid to others such as the Home Office and are subject to change. We will advise you in our initial consultation of the fees applicable to you according to your matter. Further details of the Home Office fees are available via their official website https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/visa-regulations-revised-table/2020

*VAT is charged at the standard rate of 20%


It may be the case your matter becomes more complex due to certain life events or other circumstances for example a breakdown in marriage, issues with child contact etc. In those circumstances additional work may be required. If required we will advise you of our additional charges as soon as we have become aware of the same. Unfortunately, where the Home Office have refused your application and you wish to pursue an appeal your matter will need to be transferred a specialist Immigration Advisor.

Subject to the complexity of the case and your instruction your matter will be dealt with either by a partner (8+ years qualification/experience) with the assistance of an available solicitor (2 years qualification/experience) or by a qualified solicitor assisted by a trainee solicitor.