Proving Emotional Abuse in Family Court

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Proving Emotional Abuse in Family Court

Proving emotional abuse in family court is a critical step in seeking protection and justice for victims. At Wildings Solicitors, we specialize in family law and understand the complexities of addressing emotional abuse within family relationships. Our experienced team of family law solicitors is here to provide expert guidance and support to individuals seeking to prove emotional abuse in family court in the UK.

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Proving Emotional Abuse in Family Court: A Complex Challenge

Emotional abuse can leave lasting scars and can be challenging to prove in a legal setting. Wildings Solicitors is committed to helping victims of emotional abuse build strong cases and navigate the legal process effectively.

Our Services for Proving Emotional Abuse in Family Court:

  • Legal Assessment: Our experienced solicitors will assess your case, helping you understand whether the evidence you have is sufficient to prove emotional abuse.

  • Evidence Gathering: We will assist you in collecting and preserving evidence that supports your claims, such as text messages, emails, witness statements, or expert opinions.

  • Representation: Our team can represent you in family court, advocating for your rights and ensuring that your case is presented effectively.

  • Protection Orders: If necessary, we can help you obtain protection orders to ensure your safety during legal proceedings.

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Common Forms of Emotional Abuse

  • Verbal Abuse: Includes insults, humiliation, and threats.

  • Isolation: Preventing contact with friends and family.

  • Gaslighting: Manipulative behavior to make the victim doubt their own perceptions.

  • Control: Exerting control over finances, decisions, and daily life.

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 Wildings Solicitors is Lexcel Accredited. The Lexcel Accreditation is the Law Society’s quality mark for excellence in practice management.

In situations where an amicable solution cannot be reached through negotiation, our Child Custody Solicitors will be on hand to support you through every stage of Court proceedings. Our experienced Family Law team can assist you with:

  • Expertise in family law, including divorce proceedings and the online divorce application process.

  • Personalized legal solutions tailored to your unique situation and objectives.

  • Compassionate and experienced solicitors who understand the emotional challenges of divorce.

  • A commitment to ensuring that your divorce is handled with care, whether it’s online or through traditional channels.

Why Wildings Solicitors?

Client Care

Family Law matters can be delicate. Along with offering you practical support and advice throughout your matter, our Child Custody Solicitors will always go the extra mile to reduce the strain placed upon you and your loved ones.

Why Wildings Solicitors?

Bespoke Service

What works for one family may not necessarily work for you. Our Solicitors reject the one-size-fits-all approach and instead focus on coming to a solution that is specific to the circumstances of you and your family.

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Questions You Might Have

General Quesitons

Emotional abuse refers to patterns of behavior intended to control, manipulate, or harm another person emotionally within a family or domestic relationship. It can include verbal abuse, isolation, gaslighting, and control.

Proving emotional abuse may require gathering evidence such as text messages, emails, witness statements, or expert opinions. Our solicitors can assess your case and assist with evidence collection.

Protection options may include obtaining non-molestation orders or occupation orders to ensure the safety and well-being of the victim and any children involved.

Yes, emotional abuse is taken seriously in family court, and victims can seek justice and protection through legal proceedings.

Contact our family law team to discuss your situation. We understand the sensitivity of these cases and are here to provide expert advice and support throughout the legal process.

Financial Related

The process for negotiating a financial settlement can be done in two ways. Firstly, if financial matters are agreed upon between both parties a finance consent order can then be drafted and filed with the court alongside the relevant paperwork.

On the other hand, if matters are not agreed upon between parties and where there is a financial dispute regarding assets and finances, it would then be recommended to go through the court process of obtaining a financial order. This process is generally quite lengthy and consists of financial hearings and full financial disclosure from both parties. Once a settlement is agreed a final order will then be granted.

If Children Involved

If you have a genuine fear that your ex-partner will not return the children back to you or the UK where they are usually resident, we will make an emergency application with the Family Courts for a Prohibited Steps Order.

Unfortunately, grandparents do not have parental rights and therefore an application needs to be made to the court initially. You will need to ask the court for permission to make an application for contact under Form C100. Our team is on hand to support you through such cases.

If you have parental responsibility, our family team can make an application to the family courts requesting a contact arrangement.

Here at Wildings, we would guide you through the process, whilst ensuring that we obtain the best and most effective result for you.

In such cases, we would initially recommend mediation. Should matters continue to not be resolved, we would then advise you on what application should be made to the court to finalise arrangements.

About Your Safety

If you are in fear for your safety or have experienced either physical, verbal, emotional, or psychological abuse, control, coercion, harassment or threatening behaviour, we are able to make an ex-parte non-molestation order to protect you from the forms of harassment above.  Should there be an occupational dispute concerning property, we are also able to make an application for an occupation order.

It is essential for us to give you right guidance, please do not delay to take the first step and contact us!

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